What to Expect When You Visit


At "The 505" (our nickname - address - for WhiteRose's building) you will be met by a greeter at the front entrance area who will welcome you to our church!  If you need directions to our Infant Nursery, Kid's Classes, Adult Classes, Sanctuary, restrooms...you get the idea!...the greeter will be happy to assist you!


WhiteRose is a comfortable setting, where the attire you wear is not the point...the fact that you are visiting IS the point, and we want to make your visit with us a positive, encouraging experience.  Casual clothing is very much the normal attire for the WhiteRose congregation...including the pastoral staff!


As you make your way to the 9:30 AM Foundations Classes, or the 10:30 AM service, you'll find coffee and refreshments available in the Overflow/Reception Room adjacent to the sanctuary.  The morning worship service usually begins with upbeat praise music led by our Music Team, followed by a time for greeting one another and announcements.  Afterwards, we go back into a time of worshipping through music, characterized by a contemporary musical style with both new and traditional songs in the mix.  Following this extended time of music, our senior pastor will lead us in prayer, the offering, dismissal of the children ages 4-11 to Kid's Church, and then the main time of teaching.  The messages are bible-based, and highly applicable to everyday life, always with the purpose of showing us how God desires to point us toward experiencing Him in very real ways.  Our goal is to conclude the service at 11:45 am (or at least very close to that time- depending on our senior pastor...lol).


The sanctuary is set...ready for us to offer worship to the Lord!  We invite you to join us!  Experience His presence as you gather with us!