Selected Renovation Photos

Here's just a sampling of pictures to compare the old with the new since we moved to 505 S. Main in Bellevue. (Upgrades to the children's ministry areas can be seen in photos available at our Facebook page) We give God praise first and foremost, and secondly, we thank all the wonderful volunteers who have given countless hours toward renovations since late 2007.  Third, we thank the professionals who have also poured many, many hours of top-notch service into our physical plant  - from heating/cooling, plumbing, carpet installations, and carpenters.  Well done!

Above top row left: Bellevue Bible Church pre-closure, Aug. 2007;  Above left-center: WhiteRose, July, 2008;  Above right-center & right: WhiteRose sanctuary prior to remodel.

Above, second row: Updated sanctuary shots taken before & during an early Sunday service rehearsal time, December 2009.

Below Left:  Sanctuary as of April, 2010. The temporary seating mixed with the first purchased group of sanctuary chairs.





Below, right:  Sanctuary as of April 2011. Second purchase of sanctuary chairs after necessary funds were raised.  Remodel finished!  No debt!  Praise God!















Below:  2017 Updates, including the new modifications of the Overflow room, to accomodate our numerical growth.