Priorities/Philosophy of Ministry

God is Good!

When the Lord directed a church called Bellevue Bible to initiate contact and approach WhiteRose Fellowship  about donating all their property (a church building, a house, and land) to us, it was amazing, humbling, and also confirming that God was certainly divinely blessing our human efforts.  Since those early days in 2007 the elders of WhiteRose have consistently made the effort to remind the congregation of a key biblical truth illustrated by these generous blessings:  God is capable of answering our prayers and will supply what we need (not necessarily our wants, but our needs) as we put HIM first, and one key to seeing His provision is to maintain a trusting, thankful heart filled with gratitude and fearless worship. God is not a heavenly "piggy bank" with pushbutton blessings and He will not be manipulated by our requests.  He responds as HE sees fit, with the best answer (sometimes 'yes,' and sometimes 'no'), and we must give Him praise. God is good!


Our Philosophy of Ministry as it applies to facility issues & stewardship:

After receiving these amazing gifts in October of 2007, and as we began the updating efforts on the building we have called "The 505" we reminded ourselves that the process would need to be an intentional and prioritized one.  Our priorities for ministry & our philosophy of ministry for WhiteRose were established from the beginning, and any building issues would need to take their proper place:

1.  Purpose (the mission, vision, strategy & core values)

2.  People (the neighborhood & congregation, in that order)

3.  Program (the tools for communicating God's love)

4.  Plant (the physical property).

With those principles guiding our stewardship, we have seen God give us the financial freedom to pour out many resources upon our community, its local school, and to respond generously to many benevolent needs within the WhiteRose congregation since our inception.  As the physical building was fourth on the priority list, any updates would not be done in haste.  We would repair, repaint, and update as we had the money to do so as our other priorities were met.  Another big priority for us is this:  No debt would be incurred (we are debt free as a church and intend to stay that way).  Again, God is good!  Keeping out of debt and owing no man anything except the debt of love (Romans 13:8, New Testament) is absolute freedom!  Consequently, when the last half of 2009 rolled around, we felt we could expend the resources, live within our own priorities, rejoice in our freedom, and successfully begin major updating to the sanctuary of "The 505".  (To see several photos showing the progress of our facility remodeling efforts, please click this link:  Renovation Photos)

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