Learning to Walk & Grow in your Faith

The Bible teaches that to become a genuine disciple of Jesus Christ, three important areas of our lives must be positively changed for God: our minds, our hearts, and our lifestyles.  As these Christ-like changes occur we learn to walk as Jesus walked, making an eternal difference for Him! WhiteRose is dedicated to helping you become that whole-hearted disciple!  These areas form the foundation of our walk with God!


Foundations classes are held at our church facility ("The 505") on Sunday mornings at 9:30 AM, and are available for kids (ages 4-11), teens, and adults, each with their own study track.  The adult classes cover a variety of topics.  Here's a sample of the topics covered:

  • A systematic study of God's Word
  • Putting our faith into practice
  • Breaking free from legalism
  • Money management
  • Learning and using your talents and God-given gifts and abilites.


Take the next step of learning about following Christ and join us for the adventure!  It's a great foundation for life!