A Personal Greeting from Senior Pastor David Gruber

I want to thank you for visiting the web site for WhiteRose Fellowship Church!  The moments that you've chosen to spend with us are appreciated!

WhiteRose has experienced an incredible journey since our beginning days in August, 2006. We have witnessed the Living God provide for us in one miraculous way after another. (We’ve included our story on the history section of this site - I encourage you to read it and see what I mean…) As the Senior Pastor, and as a minister since 1985, I can say this has been the most eventful, exciting, growth-oriented, amazing, positive, personal journey of my ministry career. The men and women who make WhiteRose a reality by donating hours of time, effort, prayer, resources, and good, old-fashioned commitment are a total delight to me and I am honored to be able to serve along side each and every one of them!

If you are currently looking for a church home, I invite you to give us a try. We are always looking forward and developing new ministries, new outreaches, new opportunities for personal and spiritual growth as followers of Jesus Christ.  At WhiteRose you will hear the Word of God taught in a compassionate, yet uncompromising way.  You will discover others who are learning to go beyond their own comfort levels and reach out to others without judgment or condescension.  But most of all, you will find a like-mindedness when it comes to the everyday issue of just trying to figure out what God wants us to do, and then simply obeying and doing it!  So, if you want to join us on this always amazing, never boring journey, I invite you to do so!  There is ALWAYS an open seat on this WhiteRose train as God takes us to His next adventure!

What's in a name?

Why the name ‘WhiteRose’?  It points toward a simple symbol of the new hope, new life, and second chances a person can find when they accept Jesus Christ’s offer of forgiveness & reconciliation to God.  When that decision is made by an individual, and it is verified by an elder or staff member, we place a white rose in a vase at the front of the sanctuary on Sundays as a way to let the congregation know that a celebration is happening in heaven, and we’re joining the celebration!  A new life has just begun!  Seeing individuals make this life-changing discovery is the first reason we exist as a church.  Secondly, ‘Fellowship’ points out the next step in the process: those who have trusted God with their life are empowered to enter into a new experience of Godly connection & fellowship with others who’ve done the same.  Thus, WhiteRose Fellowship Church!