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Christmas 2017- Open Your Heart's Door

  • "Open Your Heart's Door to New Opportunities" - December 31, 2017

    Is your life open to the amazing possibilities which God would like to show you for the new year ahead?  Here's what it takes to make those discoveries!  This is the concluding message in Pastor David Gruber's Christmas series, "Open Your Heart's Door", adapted from materials from Mainstay Ministries.

    00:26:05 | 12 MB

  • "Open Your Heart's Door to Silence and Song" - December 24, 2017

    When life's circumstances silence you, is it still possible to hear God's voice?  Yes, it is!  This is part 4 of Pastor David Gruber's series (based on materials from Mainstay Ministries).  Learn to open your heart to the lessons of order to eventually experience a time of song!

    00:26:54 | 12 MB

  • "Open Your Heart's Door to the Promise of Christmas!" - December 17, 2017

    Are you willing to let the child of Christmas shatter the darkness of pain or problems in your life with the promise of His light?  Join us as Pastor David Gruber continues, "Open Your Heart's Door" with this message entitled, "Open Your Heart's Door to the Promise of Christmas!"

    00:27:43 | 13 MB

  • "Open Your Heart's Door to Divine Encounters" - December 10, 2017

    On the road to Bethlehem, we're promised divine encounters!  Are you willing to experience a divine encounter?  Join us for part 2 of "Open Your Heart's Door", with Pastor David Gruber, and adapted from materials by Mainstay Ministries.

    00:27:05 | 12 MB

  • "Open Your Heart's Door to Friends and Strangers" - December 03, 2017

    Do you still have a child's heart of wonder during Christmas?  If not, here's a way to discover it again!  This is part one of a series based on materials from Mainstay Ministries, and adapted by Pastor David Gruber.  "Open Your Heart's Door to Friends and Strangers!"

    00:26:35 | 12 MB