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New Creation

  • "A New Perspective on the Power of our Words" - April 02, 2017

    Words can build up or destroy, hurt or's important to know how to handle "the power of our words"!  That's the title of this message by Pastor David Gruber as he concludes his series, "New Creation!"

    00:27:43 | 13 MB

  • "A New Perspective on our Jobs" - March 26, 2017

    Yes.  God has clear thoughts about our attitudes toward/and performance at our jobs!  Discover more as you listen to "New Creation:  A New Perspective on our Jobs" by Pastor David Gruber, WhiteRose Fellowship Church.

    00:26:19 | 12 MB

  • "A New Perspective on Finances" - March 19, 2017

    Do you control your finances, or do your finances control you?  God's Word offers clear, liberating insight to this question.  This is the series, "New Creation", and the message is "A New Perspective on Finances".  The teacher is Pastor David Gruber, WhiteRose Fellowship Church.

    00:25:03 | 11 MB

  • "A New Perspective on God's Clear Boundaries" - March 12, 2017

    Many people talk about having personal boundaries, but do we know God's clear boundaries?  This is Pastor David Gruber's series, "New Creation".  Join us as we learn to discover whether or not we have a "New Perspective on God's Clear Boundaries".

    00:27:55 | 13 MB

  • "A New Perspective on Adversity and Suffering" - March 05, 2017

    Be encouraaged!  God has not forgotten you and your challenges!  This is our "New Creation" series by Pastor David Gruber. We continue with, "A New Perspective on Adversity and Suffering".

    00:27:31 | 13 MB

  • "A New Perspective on Jesus" - February 26, 2017

    Do you know the biblical Jesus, or are you following a cultural Jesus?  Explore that question as Pastor David Gruber brings us his series, "New Creation", and the message, "A New Perspective on Jesus!"

    00:26:31 | 12 MB

  • "A New Perspective on Prayer!" - February 19, 2017

    Do you have a dead-life outlook on prayer, or a new creation perspective on prayer?  That's the question we explore as we study God's Word in part three of Pastor David Gruber's series, "New Creation!"

    00:26:24 | 12 MB

  • "A New Perspective on Relationships!" - February 12, 2017

    Join us for part two of this series entitled, "New Creation", taught by Pastor David Gruber, showing us how to daily experience God's new perspective!  This is "A New Perspective on Relationships!"

    00:27:29 | 13 MB

  • "A New Perspective on Life!" - January 22, 2017

    When a person says, "YES" to Christ being their Friend and Leader, He begins the process of helping that person see and tangibly experience HIS healthy, new perspectives!  Join Pastor David Gruber as he begins this new series with, " A New Perspective on Life!"

    00:28:36 | 13 MB