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  • "Freedom from Un-teachable Pride" - July 24, 2016

    Which description characterizes you: proud or humble?  Join us as Pastor David Gruber concludes his series, "Freedom", with "Freedom from Un-teachable Pride".

    00:26:54 | 12 MB

  • "Freedom from the Destructive Monster called Envy" - July 17, 2016

    Are you frequently thinking like this:  "If only I had...' fill in the blank...'then life would be so much better"?  Maybe it's time to consider God's Word about the problem known as envy.  This is part 3 of Pastor David Gruber's series, "Freedom!"

    00:26:24 | 12 MB

  • "Freedom from the Obstacle of Depression" - July 10, 2016

    Are you struggling with depression?  It's a challenge we don't need to face alone!  God's Word gives us a path toward freedom!  This is part 2 of Pastor David Gruber's series, "Freedom"!

    00:27:40 | 13 MB

  • "Freedom from Uncontrolled Anger" - July 03, 2016

    Do you desire to experience freedom from personally destructive habits?  Join us for part 1 of Pastor David Gruber's series entitled, "Freedom!"  as we deal with how to break free from uncontrolled anger.

    00:27:42 | 13 MB